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So Jupiter sneaking into your spooky soul sector for the New Year, after prancing around in your social sector lately could be a downer on your extrovert charisma? Well I guess, maybe not so much party mode but it’s a glorious chance to look within, find your inner radiance and the buzz of spiritual/creative inspo to turn you on. This is nice!

Because the more you are driven by a deeply meaningful, positive sense of purpose; the more you enjoy your ruler Mars in your adventure sector this month -to chase exciting schemes and dreams in the world…

Also the New Moon of the 3rd is in your career sector, so a great time to clarify what you want to achieve professionally. Especially Venus/Pluto to reveal your sexy talent, dig deep to get better at it and maybe make it lucrative -including Uranus in your earning sector for weird & wonderful, innovative new ways to make coin doing your thing.

And ok, Venus retro could be delayed progress/recognition in certain work scenarios, but you don’t give up; you persist and take the time to finesse your genius/re brand your biz etc.

The better to get moving with Venus direct from the 29th, just as Mars picks up pace turning on your professional confidence & work ethic - from Jan 25th till March. So 2022 is looking good, to figure out who you want to be in the world, with a sense of accomplishment and walk your talk accordingly huh?

Meanwhile Uranus direct in your income sector, from Jan 20th could turn some previously hare-brained earning scheme, you’ve been trying to figure out into something fabulously viable -which is handy.

Then the Full Moon of the 18th is opposite Pluto, with Venus retro in your biz sector just as Mercury turns retro, in storm phase conjunct Saturn in your social/networking sector. Which means you are instinctively, acutely aware of any control trips/power dynamics going on in your biz and public life. Do you arc up, with Aries fighting spirit -or maybe best duck and weave, with a keen eye to avoiding drama/misunderstandings huh? The better to hustle creative, respectful friendships and professional relationships when Venus & Mercury move forward by early Feb -especially Venus/Mars conjunct mid Feb, for potentially spectacular biz negotiations &collaborations!

Meanwhile this Full Moon in your domestic sector… for a nice sense of emotional wellbeing that comes from a happy and harmonious home base. The better to go forth and shine in the world.

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