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So as much as Mars, your ruling planet was pushing your autonomous success on your own, individualistic terms last year; which is your thing & you’ve been loving feeling fiercely independent & the buzz of full agency over your own Destiny…

Also Mars/Uranus recently alerted you to how unpredictable life can be, and how to handle wild change of circumstance. Because dealing with the fact that there are certain things in life you can’t control has been character building! The better to exert your fab, wilful lust for life in actual flow with the prevailing zeitgeist, as opposed to forcing stuff just for the sake of it. I mean in these crazy times we are all evolving outside our comfort zone, and you are fully up for the positive challenge of this right?

Good. So you get that the New Moon of the 12th is all about tuning into the collective vibe unfolding around you, valuable friendships & the community you want to be part of. But also with Mercury retro, people are kind of unpredictable & the social/networking vibe is tetchy. Ideally you are clever, adaptable & dare I say as diplomatic as possible with the weirdos testing your patience; more so than you’re usual tendency to snappy impatience/verbally go for the jugular of irritating idiots -know what I mean?

Because Venus/Jupiter mid month is such a gorgeous, expansive opportunity to connect with the cool folk you CAN relate to. They get your fabulosity & you appreciate them right back -beautiful friendships thrive under these stars, and a chance to find your wider tribe of like-minded souls, for mutual support & positive growth in these wild times!

And yes including love. Even with klutzy Mercury retro misunderstandings; cryptic flirtations could be intriguing on the social scene, or realizing that tricky disagreements with your lover are much easier to work through than you think…

Especially because the Venus/Mars square of the 20th reveals romantic tensions & attractions, triggering the healer Chiron in your sign. And just in time for Mercury direct from the 21st. So late Feb could be great for the necessary conversations, where you get to be vulnerable, caring & real with someone you are into -in a good way!

Image: Tian Yi by Jem Mitchell for Vogue China


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