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You’re loving having lucky Jupiter in your sign for a whole year; and with the healer Chiron involved you’re all about the dynamic personal confidence that comes from facing your emotional vulnerability with positive, courageous, healthy relationship with self.

So even with Jupiter/Chiron retrograde this month you’re able to deal with any self doubt or circumstances thwarting you, with spunky humility. Knowing you are charging forward, as you also cultivate the self awareness to take your time, figure out what’s actually right for you and do it properly.

Because the big news early August is a spectacular conjunction, between your ruler Mars, Uranus & the Destiny Point in your 2nd house of personal values & material security:

I mean Uranus half way through several years in your 2nd house has you getting the hang of a different perspective on ‘security’. Uranus brings radical change & the ability to adapt with aplomb, as you seize new opportunities as they arise rather than look over your shoulder at busted expectations. As such a brave sign bursting with initiative, you’ve totally got this.

Especially on the North Node, which I call the Destiny Point because it reveals the most meaningful new experiences, to unlock your full potential & personal growth you came here to explore. The Destiny Point always points in the right direction!

So Mars activating this combo is massively energising. Dramatically new ways to earn good coin, doing whatever feels like your vocational calling-especially as Mars trines lucrative Pluto in your biz sector mid month. Or just tweaking what you already do, to finesse & bring your plans up to date with current circumstances can be so positively game-changing.

Meanwhile the North Node activates the South Node, of dynamics from your past still playing out. And in your sex/intimacy sector, existing entanglements matter-especially square a beautiful Venus/Ceres conjunction brewing in your 5th house of romance. Maybe your current lover/partner shows how much they care; to support you to move forward & thrive, as you enjoy good times together as you go. Or maybe an old flame shows up, you realise you still care for one another & what to do about that??

Also Venus/Ceres in the 5th house are about nurturing your talent & creative self expression-especially trine lucky Jupiter in your sign, your natural, healthy self-confidence is brilliantly lit this month.

Then the Full Moon of Aug 12th in your social sector; which would normally have you out & about, flitting around doing your thing on the social scene. Yes but with disciplined Saturn involved, you have the intelligence to be discriminating about who you share your genius or network with.

Some enduring friendships have your back, with solid mutual support and you appreciate them more than ever. And if any control freaky tendencies from certain people/bourgeois expectations from your milieu are feeling suffocating- you are really ready to cut loose, do your own thing & focus more on the crew who actually get you. Know what I mean?

Then the New Moon of Aug 27th in your work/health sector, square Mars just in your ideas/communication sector:

Brilliant conversations with the right people unlock fab professional opportunities-stay sharp, charming & articulate.

You get to interrogate yourself-are your current intentions supporting a healthy lifestyle & clever work ethic? I actually think you are totally onto it, and ready to manifest whatever you believe in more clearly than ever-excellent!

Image: Naomi Campbell for Alexender McQueen


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