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April begins with your ruler Mars, fresh in your home sector trine Saturn, settling into your soul sector for the next few years. To create a domestic sanctuary, where you can work a disciplined spiritual practice that feels powerfully grounding this month.

Then the Full Moon of April in your love sector April 6th, opposite an exact Sun/Chiron conjunction with Jupiter, in Aries:

The Sun shines a light on any vulnerable wounding/insecurities you’ve been valiantly coming to terms in recent years; with the healer Chiron inviting you to accept yourself as unconditionally as possible, beautifully human flaws & all. And Jupiter revving up that courageous determination you are famous for, to be the most positive version of yourself. So this Moon is a lovely reminder to be crazy confident, with the necessary self care as you go.

And this Moon is in your love/partner sector. So the more you bring your best, positive self awareness to key relationships, the more you can allow your loved one to be their true selves as well. Pretty sweet, for your annual Love Full Moon to be as harmonious as possible.

Then fast forward to the Aries New Moon, Hybrid Eclipse, of April 20th. A chance to manifest your genius in real terms:

This Moon exact in the last degree of Aries; a powerful anaretic point of karmic completion. Maybe to feel like you have conquered whatever disciplined personal integrity is important to you right now; to basically get your act together and feel effective in the world.

Especially conjunct Jupiter in Aries, to continue the theme of embracing your most wildly positive, expansive personal potential. And square Pluto fresh in your social sector, to bring this empowered attitude to how you get amongst it & network with your tribe.

You’re not just working fierce discipline for the sake of status quo, you are looking forward to fab new possibilities in your life.

Because this Eclipse also conjuncts the Destiny Point, in your 2nd house of personal values & prosperity.

Especially as the Moon enters your 2nd house 15 minutes after the Eclipse, followed by the Sun 4 hours later-as they both conjunct the Destiny Point in the following few days. Which is why it’s being called a Hybrid Eclipse; it’s officially in Aries yet so much geared toward new possibilities in Taurus-aka your 2nd house of wealthy wellbeing.

A delicious clue about how to feel materially grounded; as you monetise & manifest a genuinely satisfying, pleasurable scenario to enjoy.

And speaking of feeling grounded, your ruler Mars is busy firing up your 4th house of home & family affairs right now:

-Mars trine Saturn in your soul sector early April, brings a deep yearning for spiritual sanctuary. As in you want to create a safe, peaceful space at home, to retreat and replenish your batteries as you work your manifesting magic in the world.

-Which is fab, to ameliorate any Mars tendencies to pick fights with your loved ones at home or tetchy family dynamics. Any domestic tensions coming encourage you to find positive, energising solutions right? The better to co-create healthy, mutually supportive relationships at home to fully thrive together.

Image: David Benoliel.


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