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Aquarius New Moon, exact 6.53am Jan 22nd, AEDT.

New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, and in Aqua we like to process our feelings with sophisticated intellectual analysis.

Ha, of course this can be the temptation to sublimate our actual, visceral emotions by detaching and making everything so fuqing abstract-in other words denial? Hmm we want to watch that.

Because the real genius of this Moon is facing our feelings with such supreme honesty, we become absolutely self aware of whatever we are on about. With conscious, spiritually & mentally clear intentions; that actually resonate with our emotional intelligence.

Because this Moon in the first degree of Aquarius, conjuncts Pluto at the end of Capricorn-preparing to spend a few months in Aquarius from March this year. Pluto bridges our own determination to thrive (Cap), with the responsibility to be considerate of everyone else (Aqua)-quite the them this year.

When Pluto is involved in our emotional life we are looking at themes like:

Brutal honesty, because truth matters and true feelings are being revealed, ready or not! Of course we must ponder the sanskrit term Ahisma; meaning truth that does no harm. It's all very well to blurt out what we think, but the real, subtle emotional intelligence is revealing how we feel in a way that cares about everyone involved. This includes how we speak to our loved ones, and also the internal narrative we have with ourselves -is it self aware or just judgemental?

Otherwise is just the ego showing off it's own clarity for kicks, no matter any injury caused. Genuine, transparent compassion is the bomb right now!

Passion, because Pluto makes us so hot blooded about sticking to our principles. The courage to be real, with ourselves & others is so exciting & life affirming.

Transformation. Because if this Moon reveals even one truth we've been avoiding in our lives, the courage to face that fear changes everything; to move forward with a fresh, invincible capacity to face anything on our path...

Also, Mars finally direct in Gemini trine Ceres in Libra. For the confidence to juggle all the brilliant plans, we can finally get on with. And clever communication; to fascinate the people that matter professionally to get on board with our schemes, and find harmonious balance with the people we care about personally.

Happy Aqua New Moon folks, let's be wise, wild & wonderful x

Image: the wonderful Moonlight Tarot.


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