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Full Moon in Aquarius, exact 12.36pm July 24th AEST to keep us on our toes.

Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month, and in these weird times we are all feeling kind of exasperated & edgy right? I mean Aqua is the sign most tuned into the collective emotional dynamic, and it's pretty fuqing bizarre out there in the world! And of course our personal lives are going to reflect this, with lots of volatile emo that we may or may not feel ready to deal with...

We may be navigating strange new developments in our life with a curious attitude, about how to maximise wonderful new opportunities in times of change-when the going gets weird the weird turn pro, as they say. Yes this could a fab Moon; for the high functioning flakes & visionaries amongst us to be more on point than ever about rapid, inspired personal growth and emotionally intelligent relating as we go. How fabulous! Or we may have moments of overwhelm, in the white noise of the chaos unfolding around us or sudden personal drama, and thats ok too. Let's be super compassionate with ourselves & one another, as this Moon reveals whatever challenges we are facing ready or not.

Because this Moon is between security loving Saturn and primal transformative Pluto; so we are doing well to straddle these two imperatives, as best we can.

Happy Full Moon folks, lets imagine optimum outcomes with an open mind as to how we get there x


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