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So how did we go with that Aquarius Full Moon, exact 11.35am August 12th, AEST? Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever emo has been brewing lately, and in the case of Aqua it's often primal needs we have been trying to keep in check with analytical reason -so when they do hit the surface can be a sudden, volatile & cathartic. Especially with Saturn involved, can be a reality check we've been trying to avoid!

I mean I don't know about you, but Full Moons aint my favorite vibe at the best of times (I'm more of a New Moon gal), and I did not enjoy this one at all-hence being too distracted & generally annoyed to get this post out till after the Moon has subsided, lol.

So this Moon conjunct the karmic taskmaster Saturn. On the one hand we get thwarted needs/frustrating communication that feels like some external circumstances, or some controlling person trying to suppress our self expression. And tempting to get all reactive & blamey -because it must be someone else's fault?? Ha ha the blame game is a bitch huh?

On the other hand, we get pattern recognition, and see that our own avoidance/rigid attachment to certain attitudes has been holding us back to some extent. So this is a great moment to take responsibility for our own choices, and see the perfect, divine symmetry in dealing with moving forward, with a fresh perspective that sets us free at the right time.

And that time feels like now; with this Moon in a game-changing T-square with the spectacular Mars/Uranus/Destiny Point conjunction that's been rocking our world. This is an invitation to follow our wildest dreams, that give us a sense of meaningful purpose in the world. And we understand we have to rapidly evolve, with a commitment to higher calling in order to do so. As well as connect with the tribe/loved ones who truly inspire us as we go -instead of wasting time mooching around, sooking about whoever we think is holding us back, collectively or personally, know what I mean? And Mars is the courage to grab our self determination, as well as healthy, mutually empowered connection with the people we love/move away from unhealthy relationships and get the fuq on with it!

Yes, hopefully we are feeling a renewed commitment to our true soul path in life, and the soul mates to share it with? Happy Aqua Full Moon folks x


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