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Aquarius Full Moon coming up, exact Aug 22nd, 10pm AEST. Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month; and this one is in radical Aquarius conjunct freedom loving Jupiter-so we are emotionally connected to notions of personal autonomy, liberty and, with Neptune in Pisces freedom to follow our bliss.

I mean the thing about Aqua energy is so tuned into the collective zeitgeist, and how to work our social ecology for the betterment of everyone; whilst also maintaining the fundamental integrity of individual, expression no matter how maverick it may seem to be re other people's expectations. And Jupiter literally just wants to ride off into sunset following wonderful, positive ideals and couldn't give a fuq what anyone thinks, to be honest. And Neptune is on a whole other dimension of cosmic/creative inspo, able to view current events in our lives from a more spiritual perspective.

So the theme of this Moon is what does freedom look like? Is it how we engage with our tribe, as rebels with a cause to help us create a better collective future? Is it our own personal space, to evolve as we wish unencumbered by rules & regulations? Is it our soul journey revealing itself, where we are always connected to divine purpose on a higher level, no matter what is going on around us?

I'm sure we will all be feeling our own calling here, on a deeply instinctive level-and ok also trying to make sense of what to do about it intellectually, with the highly analytical Aqua vibe. Ideally we trust our gut intelligence here, with as much personal integrity as possible in these wild times; as we also respect & support one another's choices equally as we move through this phase of accelerated evolution.

Happy Aqua Full Moon folks, as always let's keep it high-end x


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