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So Venus square Mars the last few days, which is a nice bit of romantic frisson to turn us on. I mean Mars in Aries has been pretty combative recently-check out the state of the world right? So it's lovely to have Venus pulling the warrior god into some kind if sweet human connection, even if the square aspect means we have to do some work to keep our relationships on track.

Some of us have been enjoying renewed passion with our beautiful lovers or sudden, synchronous new attractions this week-which ooh la la are more likely be kinda destinal & sparkly promising!

But this is not just about romantic love -we are also falling in love with each other on a platonic/family/community level; again with the state of the world it's so important to come together & embrace our common humanity, sense of connection & caring personal interactions as best we can.

Lets forget about division/past grievances etc, and really care about one another-even under whatever pressure we are dealing with huh? I know it's cliche, but love really is the only answer right now X

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