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September is here, as we begin to head into the home strait of the crazy trip that is 2020, and the scopes are up to keep an eye on how we're travelling.

Some of the key astro themes right now are:

Mars strong in Aries for the rest of the year, so the force is strong with our vitality, aggression, self assertion, ambitious wilful lust for life -but are we using it for good or evil hmmm? Especially in sync with bitch Lilith the ultimate macho warrior meets the fiercest female attitude-we are doing mutual respect/meeting of equals or watch out its pretty damn volatile!

Lucky Jupiter direct mid month, to open up the most positive potential of the destruction/creation regenerative, transformative cycle we are in with Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn. I mean its fairly obvious we are sliding down a rabbit hole of dystopia at warp speed OR blossoming into a beautiful, thriving new chapter -and of course expansive, optimistic Jupiter helps us choose the latter -yay!

Happy September folks, lets make it wonderful x

Image: the brilliant Alexandra Valenti

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