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So here is the Full Moon, coming at us exact 1.48am August 4th, AEST. Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings and Instincts we've been dealing with all month; and in Aquarius we do tend to trip out in emotional overwhelm, as we try to analyse & make logical sense of our wildly fluctuating moods.

Because the thing about this Moon is Aqua ruler Uranus all over it, with his sparkly, unpredictable vibe more genius-yet volatile than ever, in his favourite, brilliant home turf of Aquarius.

So on one hand we are more likely to be turned on by a wonderful, visionary new take on life in sync with our most intelligent instincts:

Maybe an exquisitely sensitivity to the subtle cues going on in our personal lives; and the emotional oxygen to give one another space as we figure out liberating, open-minded new ways to connect/love one another up with mutual respect? Also how to handle the crazy scenarios going on around us socially/collectively. Because of course in the thick of 2020 it's a wild world out there, and we can use all the enlightened perspective we can get to process the madness with clever, critical thinking and a cool head...

Because also we are more likely to be triggered at warp speed with batshit crazy, reactive emo that we are are barely aware is even happening if we don't keep it clear & conscious, know what I mean? Especially with Mars in strong aggro mode in Aries; we're fully susceptible to irrational, adrenal fight or flight responses/sudden tantrums etc, depending on our level of self awareness right now!

Extra-specially entangled with Bitch Lilith, omg the warrior god & the warrior goddess hook up -what could possibly go wrong, lol? I mean passionate, sexy chemistry is through the roof, if we happen to have an attraction or relationship robust enough to handle the firepower here; which could be such a hot & satisfying meeting of equals..grrrr. But of course if we indulge our power-trippy crap or spoiling for a fight with a certain someone, things could get out of hand real fast right? Best watch that.

So Happy Full Moon folks. Lets focus the electrifying energy here with as much positive intention as possible, under the circumstances x

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