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So with Mercury speeding through your sign at a thousand miles an hour this month, you are nothing if not quick on your feet! From the 6th -20th you are all over ticking off the to-do list, expert details management & buzzing around getting stuff done. Not to mention wonderful mental alacrity, to handle your dialogues with clever, witty panache.

Which is handy for the Full Moon of the 4th in your relationship sector. To the extent that Uranus has some fully sparky, out of nowhere conversations coming up with certain loved ones -you’re onto it. Especially you’re ready for genuine, stimulating communication in your love life, and maybe keep it sweet with someone special by actually taking the time to talk things through?

Or if single, you’ve got the moves & flirty banter to turn up some promising chemistry out & about on the scene. Especially Venus on the Destiny Point around the 6th is auspicious for romantic timing, as well as tuning into fab friendships & social networking to have fun with your tribe in the world.

And Uranus is major, interesting frisson for your professional connections, especially if you’re ready to be game changing about it. I mean with Saturn backing into your day-job sector it’s tempting to get stuck in same old workplace politics/dead-end gig etc, which could feel a bit dreary. But you know what, not so much…

Jupiter/Pluto are firing up such a lust for life to transform your work/lifestyle paradigm as much as necessary, to take a positive, confidant risk on a new way of doing things. So you’re all fired up to own your brilliance & explore the next level potential of whatever you already do, or some scary-yet promising new gig calling your name right now could be worth a look, huh? Particularly if it’s all about freeing you up the work/life balance for the liberated, fulfilling lifestyle you desire.

Because OMG we have to talk about Mars in your adventure sector from July -till Jan 2021! So I’m just saying that I hope for your sake the world frees up a bit for the rest of the year, because this is no astro for lockdown. It’s all about such an irrepressible, restless lust for life & fierce desire to embrace new adventures (travel or otherwise) on your part. You’re all fired up to live large & curious about exciting new possibilities just outside your comfort zone. And I tell you what Mars on Bitch Lilith this month (exact Aug 8th-13th), then the Leo New Moon of the 19th is spunky as fuq for your uncompromising determination to live free, with expansive personal growth on your own terms. Watch out world, you’re on fire right now you free spirit you.

Image: via Elle Netherlands

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