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So let’s start with love goddess Venus, in an extended tour of your love sector from April-August 2020. Which is definitely Sag mating season, & totally auspicious for yummy attraction/falling in love/cultivating a nicer connection with your partner etc, so you’ve been expecting to feel pretty good about romance this year…

Yes, but meanwhile Venus retro mid May-late June has been a bitch right? Stupid misunderstandings, going back over repetitive marital disagreements, bad timing, cancelled dates etc lately been doing your head in much?? And Venus direct this month is going to make it all better?

Yeah, if you can deal with Mercury retrograde in your sex/intimacy sector till mid July opening up a Pandora’s box about this; where you need to have the tricky, vulnerable conversations with your lover to properly resolve the issues one way or the other, or if single maybe explore your own emotional issues around vulnerability? I know -exactly the kind of entangled/complex feelings you usually avoid, with that flighty tendency of yours (do admit) to run screaming out the door the minute it all gets too heavy!

But honestly it’s worth it, especially with Mars/Chiron in your romance sector being pulled into a magnetic, thrilling aspect with Venus by sparky Uranus mid month. Because there is so much sexy, libidinous chemistry happening to turn you on; and Chiron says you can seriously only embrace the full potential of this if you are willing to do the work to keep it authentic & real. Then the New Moon of the 21st is the second one in a row in your intimacy sector, picking up any unresolved feelings from late June-so crunch time to dig deep & embrace the powerful passions rising up with your most courageous vulnerability, know what I mean?

So yes, Venus direct all month is generally brilliant for your love mojo, but also you take the time to suss out where it’s all going from late July huh?

Meanwhile the Lunar Eclipse of the 5th massively awakens your financial lust for life. As in Saturn turns up to reveal any lax Sag budgeting you’ve been indulging lately- do admit you give minimal fuqs about money until it all runs out, lol. But when you realize you’ve been living beyond your means (as usual), you are brilliant at sudden professional genius/hustle mode, to fill the coffers again to live large on your own, free-range terms. No one else knows how the fuq you do it, but you always manage to get by with that gypsy ability to live by your wits.

So I’m just saying that Uranus in your work sector is the alacrity to manoeuvre some new gig or changing circumstances on the day job to your advantage. Because lucrative Jupiter/Pluto in your earning sector is such a significant, chance to manifest serious, independent wealth right now –IF you pay attention to the fresh opportunities coming up. Go you, its time to thrive already!

Image: Daga Zoiber IN Vogue Japan 2012 BY Mikael Jansson

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