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So with Saturn retro, backing into your social sector this month you’re giving a lot of thought to the fundamental dynamics of your tribe & your place in the world. As in a bit of a reality check -sorting out the valuable connections around you vs culling any dreary social obligations that don’t so much serve you anymore?

Because also Jupiter/Pluto are so revealing whatever promising scene is calling your name, where you can express yourself more authentically & network more effectively in the world. Also bonding with the close, genuine friends who get you & you remind one another how fab you are. So once you figure out your ideal crew & niche in the world, you’ve got so much sassy confidence going on! Especially Lunar Eclipse of the 5th, with a deeper sense of emotional rapport with your community & besties –it feels nice to be out & about, amongst it & celebrating human connection again, after lockdown etc huh?

Meanwhile Venus in your home sector for ages this year has you mainly focused on personal, domestic relationships. And Venus retro since mid-May may have churned up any family tensions/marital misunderstandings etc –which of course have probably been exacerbated by being cooped up together lately. But then again Venus is all about harmonious solutions, with oodles of diplomacy & goodwill to ideally work things out & keep it sweet right? So Venus direct this month feels so good, to love up your nearest & dearest for smooth domestic harmony -it feels like nurturing a nice home for your heart right now. Including Venus direct is fab creative instincts for the home décor/feng shui, to make your sanctuary a beautiful place to be…

Including Venus/Mars in sync this month, which means it’s kind of mating season on home turf-shacked up romance with your partner, or even hot dates with someone new at home could be promising. Bearing in mind sparky Uranus in your comms sector is involved, so attraction works best when you have plenty to talk about -for clarity of mutual understanding in your relationship/navigating tricky dramas or the chemistry of sexy mental stimulation to turn each other on, depending on your situation.

Then you have Mars/Chiron in your earning sector mid month. Mars is obviously quite financially motivated here, and in aspect with Venus & Uranus and Mercury direct in your talent sector capable of some swift, clever moves to finesse the Pisces income. Especially any aspect of your work to do with teaching, information technology, communicating ideas etc -your skills are pretty snazzy right now! But also Chiron is revealing any cracks in the plan, or tricky financial issues for your consideration hmmm? It’s actually a fab time for problem solving & creative strategies, to work smarter not harder at what you do, to make a decent living & properly fulfilling job satisfaction, know what I mean?

Especially by the New Moon of the 21st –the second one in a row in your talent sector, where your instinctive, genius creative process is a beautiful thing & only getting better by late July

Image: Chris von Wagenheim for American Vogue

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