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Solar Eclipse, New Moon in Cancer coming up, exact 4.41pm, June 21st AEST.

New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, Moon-ruled Cancer is the most instinctive, emotionally intelligent-or at least emotionally driven sign, and of course Eclipse energy amplifies the feelings coming up considerably!

So ready or not, we are diving into our most tidal moods & emo reactions to everything, the better to embrace the kinaesthetic, tangible reality of what our emotional body is telling us & deal with how we honestly feel-no matter how overwhelming. As opposed to, say, trying to avoid the experience with too much rational, control freaky analysis. As in no matter how cleverly we think things through or complicated interpersonal conversations, to intellectually make sense of it all; we have to be careful this doesn't disconnect us from the powerful, gut wisdom available at this time -know what I mean?

Of course we don't want to just fly of the handle & indulge our tantrums/self indulgent drama for the sake of it, because also Mars square this Moon does indicate hair-trigger tempers & shocking, power trippy conflict so we want to watch that for sure!

The point is to be kind, which is one of the most powerful gifts of Cancerian energy. The more we can accept & integrate our own needs & impulses here for what they are, sans judgement, the more we can extend the same empathy to our loved ones right? And in the spirit of mutual understanding, come together to ride the intensity of this Eclipse with as much authentic, truly gutsy emotional connection as possible.

Also because for goodness sake we've been going through such weird, turbulent times collectively -and so many bottled up tensions, frustrations, fears etc could be so volatile & suddenly unleashed right now-watch out! But also a desire to reconnect after lockdown etc, and courageously acknowledge & support one another through the healing process of moving forward huh? Especially with the next New Moon of late July also in Cancer...we have plenty of time to process the feelings coming up right now, and maybe make sense of them during the coming month?

Happy Cancer Eclipse folks, lets keep it together as we keep it as real as possible x

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