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So just as you’ve gotten the hang of Uranus in your sign & having fun with permission to cut loose, get in touch with your inner rebel & liberate yourself from the status quo…Saturn turns up in your biz sector to force a disciplined work ethic & having to tow the line professionally. Aargh, what new fuqery is this??

As in you might feel torn between your most restless urges coming up OR the promise of material success if you knuckle down on that steady, reliable work ethic you’ve always been so famous for-and see this as some kind of dramatic dilemma between your ‘straight’ life or embracing the great unknown of living more freely? But these apparently opposing imperatives are not mutually exclusive, of course…

This is a brilliant opportunity to embrace a radical, inspired new version of being you, and harness your naturally pragmatic instincts & career skills to creatively manifest the fab new life you want to live. I mean especially with Saturn triggering Jupiter/Pluto in your vision sector you are onto such spectacularly dynamic, game-changing new adventures & bold life plans; and you’re not one to sit around dreaming about it-you’re a capable realist & going to goddamn find a way to make your dreams happen!

Yay, especially with Venus in your income sector till August, you’re more financially confident to create lush abundance on your own terms than ever. And the Full Moon Eclipse of the 6th is bang on point, to finesse any biz negotiations/tricky money entanglements with your best charm for win-win scenarios to help you thrive. Your natural affinity with positive, productive earning scenarios is so shiny right now, and the more you stick with it you could see some good coin coming your way when Venus moves forward from June 25th, which is something to look forward to.

Also this Eclipse is in your sex/intimacy sector & brings your most gorgeous, Venusian romantic wiles to any love action going on right now. It’s a delicious opportunity to connect with someone special, if you’re up for a deeper passion between you? Or if single thank goodness we’re freeing up lockdown etc. in the world, because Mars/Neptune has your sexy charisma on the social scene peaking –and maybe some fab, spookily promising flirty attraction coming up if you’re out & about?

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