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So with Saturn out of your ideas sector you’re thinking more clearly, sans the existential dread/pressing worries you’ve been trying to process for the last few years. Yay, because Jupiter/Pluto are revealing such positive new affirmations to power forward with fab, transformative intentions you’re ready to manifest for the rest of the year…

The better to clearly focus on the Full Moon Eclipse of the 6th -in your favourite sectors of sex and money! Ok that sounds a bit shallow lol, so I’ll elaborate:

The Eclipse in your income sector harnesses the creative brilliance of Mars/Neptune in your talent sector; just because it feels so good to excel at whatever you’re naturally good at with next level inspo, & whilst your at it why not work your excellent financial instincts to make some good coin doing it? Especially with Venus schmoozing any biz negotiations, you are in full, lucrative hustle mode, which is handy.

And Venus in your intimacy sector is inviting this Moon to beautiful new romantic & emotional chemistry in your sex life. Especially in sync with the spooky, soul mate passion of Mars/Neptune your dating, mating vibe is deep & meaningful connection with your lover or weird synchronicities to meet some magical new attraction. Or else you’re driving yourself batshit crazy with some ludicrous crush etc -which you’ve finally realized aint working & ready to open up to better things you know you deserve right?

Ok It’s a fine line between wonderful crazy love or ditching dumb attachments to do your own thing for the moment-especially with Uranus shaking up your core relational dynamics, to challenge every expectation you’ve been hanging onto & open your mind to new possibilities pronto!

Then the New Moon Eclipse of the 21st has you all restless to bust out of normative conditioning & chase a more exciting, visionary future for yourself on your own terms. Good, the better to seize the fierce determination of Mars in your work ethic/dynamic health sector from the 28th and rock it big time for the next 2 months huh?

Image: Nastassja KInski by Richard Avedon

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