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So the annual Full Moon in your sign is always an invitation to tune into your true feelings & gut instincts, and with this one being a Lunar Eclipse on June 6th is extra powerful-so you are mainlining primal emotional intelligence from your deepest being. Permission to be brilliantly intuitive, wildly passionate & authentic as fuq!

Also this Moon is lit by Venus in your love sector, so the romantic/relational vibe is incandescent with potential right now as follows:

Venus in an extended tour of your love sector means its basically mating season till August, so even though Venus is retrograde for this Moon its only a little backward step in the tango that is your attraction action this year. Especially in a square with her lover Mars, she has you feeling into any romantic/sexual tensions & sussing out the hot chemistry and/or tricky relational issues that are currently in flux…

Because the New Moon of the 21st is yet another Eclipse in your sexy intimacy sector, with Mercury retrograde, Venus trine Saturn activating healing Chiron & spunky Lilith in your lush romance sector; and just in time for Venus direct to energise your love momentum from the 25th. In other words late June is a rising up of any relational wounds & misunderstandings- but with the purpose of reaching a much deeper emotional connection/mutual understanding/sexual healing, especially the Destiny Point suggesting any commitments you make here could move forward beautifully-and maybe stand the test of time.

I mean Saturn says you have the emotional fortitude to work through this; resist the usual tendency to go running out the back door (lol) just when you could stick around, do the work & maybe cultivate a special connection, or capacity to bond with loved ones generally huh?

Also a quick note, brave moves are great for personal relationships but the Sag home life not so much. Mars/Neptune could be inspired, destinal guidance about where to live/real estate/domestic dynamics but also could be slippery, batshit crazy if you’re not careful. Maybe remain circumspect about any drastic decisions here for the moment…

Meanwhile Uranus shaking up your work sector is not exactly stable professionally, but fear not –your lucky ruler Jupiter on lucrative Pluto in your income sector is a truly spectacular confidence to navigate these turbulent economic times with alacrity. As in you’ve always been pretty edgy financially, you don’t like to be tied down to so called security & happy to take a risk on doing what you love rather than wage-slaving etc. So now you’re better placed than ever to monetise any weird opportunities –independent wealth & abundance is your new normal, go you!

Image: Esther Haase

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