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I've been talking in the horoscopes about Venus in Gemini for ages this year-an extended visit from April 4th-August 8th. And this is ultimately such a lovely invitation to lighten up, inspire ourselves with new ideas and explore the multi-faceted aspects of our desire nature, personal talent & self expression... this is supposed to be fun!

So in our love/romance/creative/biz lives we are really craving stimulating dialogues to understand one another better, or at least turn us on with the frisson of sparky, flirty, playful repartee. I mean clever communication is everything to Gemini, it's like emotional oxygen to feel connected & keep our relationships evolving with optimum, suave intelligence right?

Yes it's promising, and the next few months could be bang-on to ride the changing circumstances going on around us with brilliant alacrity; and end up sharing the journey with our loved ones & socially/professionally network better than ever, as we come out of lockdown etc..,

But dammit, just as we got our heads around this Venus wonked out retrograde from May 15th square tricky, spooky Neptune- to complicate matters until she moves forward again from June 25th. So in the meantime we are looking in the rearview mirror, and trying to work out/untangle certain headfuq scenarios as follows:

Maybe our current relational/partner/romantic dynamic is tetchy as fuq and revealing certain unresolved issues we didn't address in the last few months-and time to have those tricky conversations we've been skirting around recently? I mean Venus retro is no time to make dramatic relationship decisions, lest they be unnecessarily destructive in the heat of crazy misunderstandings of course. Best keep the dialogue flowing with as much open-minded space to work through whatever is coming up right now, cultivating the emotional intelligence to make better choices and take our time to see where it's going huh?

Or maybe someone from your past comes out of the woodwork, to look back & get a better perspective on the history between you -whether this is chance to re-connect cos you finally get one another or time to make peace/let it go, to open up to better things? Or someone you've been on & off with or an attraction lurking around, that you may have tried to dismiss but still seems tantalisingly promising and/or you've been hoping beyond hope for someone unavailable but now it's dawning on you aint gonna happen? Again not to force doors open or closed in Venus retro, but sussing out the lay of the land, the better to know where we stand when Venus picks up romantic momentum from late June...

Oh and also beauty. Venus retro may have us itching for a makeover & try a new look -especially as Gemini is a chameleon & loves to play with fashion fads for fun and personal re-invention, Extra especially as lockdown etc lifts, salons/boutiques etc are opening up again and so tempting to finally rush out and get coiffed/waxed/botoxed/spray tanned/facials/impulse fashion purchases whatever to come back into the world looking good! Yes fair enough and absolutely lets support our local beauty/retail businesses get back on their feet, as they help us polish up our act. But also retro Venus is notoriously bad timing, especially in whimsical Gemini, to commit to any radical beauty decisions we may regret later! So ok if we dye our hair purple/shave it off it can grow back, or invest in a whole new wardrobe we hate next week it's only money & maybe stick it on ebay. But more permanent/significant stuff like tattoos/cosmetic procedures/face peels etc maybe not so much till after June hmmm.

And art. This is a great time to play around with fun creative mistakes, that can be learned from & finessed later. Or the creative discipline to properly revise & edit whatever we're working on, before we put it out there? Maybe pick up an old project to see if it has fresh potential, or ditch some lame idea that has been stuck for a while the better to focus on new creative inspo? Or polish the hell out of our brand behind the scenes, to prepare to launch our biz etc with new confidence in the coming months...

So happy sparkly Venus in Gemini folks. And lets use this retro period to chill out, explore our options & enjoy the playful, fluxy energy of change with our most positive, flexible attitude x

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