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Scorpio Full Moon, exact 8.45pm, May 7th AEST. And to the extent Full Moons are always a rising up of whatever feelings have been brewing all month, Scorpio Moons are especially notorious for digging deep & revealing our most primal, passionate, volatile emotional needs & relational dramas -which can be pretty explosive at the best of times.

But especially now with the state of the world, we've been under extra duress just cos life is so goddamn weird; and also what with lockdown/social distancing etc our relational dynamics are being affected in ways we might not have otherwise chosen. So for some of us pressure cooker partnership/family dynamics hit boiling point as we are stuck at home together which could be gnarly, but of course could also be amazing to sort out our issues & bond more deeply than ever. And for others who are single/stuck at home alone the loneliness is amplified, as we struggle to maintain personal/social connections or some semblance of dating/pursuing attractions from a distance.

Because you know, Scorpio energy craves intense, sexy, limbic, kinaesthetic physical/emotionally passionate & transformative human connection. And the more this is limited or challenged by current circumstances the more we become acutely aware of our very real needs, desires & interpersonal chemistry that are suddenly so raw & unavoidable -we have to deal with it ready or not...

Also because this Moon has the Sun on Uranus & Mercury to reveal next level, radical honesty in our emotional sharing & relational dialogues with one another-a lot of home truths are coming up in daily conversation right now!

And with love goddess Venus in an extended tour of Mercury ruled Gemini till August, our superpower is crystal clear communication to keep it real, and/or take the space & emotional oxygen to do our own thing sans heavy expectations of how we should behave or whatever. So luckily Gemini Venus is also the sparkly, flirty, light hearted verbal alacrity to dance around any heavy Scorpio emo as it comes up; the better to talk it through for stimulating, intelligent mutual understanding rather than give in to drama-queen conflict just for the sake of it, know what I mean??

And magical Neptune hones our instincts, to pick up on the subtle cues coming from our loved ones & maybe a bit of special, magical connection to turn us on? Which of course is preferable to the Neptunian tendency of drinking our way though it/drunk dialling our crushes/indulging in bonkers, elaborate romantic fantasies lol.

Because this Moon is such a chance to bring our focus back for a moment, away from the surreal scenarios playing out in the collective; and feel into the reality of our personal lives with as much exquisitely vulnerable, empowering, radical emotional authenticity as possible. Especially with magnanimous, lucky Jupiter on sexy Scorpio ruler Pluto-we can do this!

Happy Full Moon folks, lets embrace it and keep the passion as positive as possible xxx

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