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So Saturn in your biz sector has you trying to find a sure, stable footing in the professional world –which is normally your core competency, especially with Mars energising your ambition for first half of the month. But of course we’re not living in normal times, so luckily you have Uranus in your sign to help you drop fixed, Saturnine expectations of your life plan (especially with Saturn retro form mid month) & remain wildly adaptable as required. Who would have thought that, in unpredictable times, good old stubborn, security oriented Taurus would be our poster child for embracing swift, clever, flexible new solutions with such enthusiasm to inspire the rest of huh?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 7th in your relationship sector is a nice distraction from the world, to focus on your personal relationships. Especially with Mercury involved it’s a chance to get real & articulate the very real feelings coming up here; the better to foster the authentic, honest communication that bonds you with the people you care about. This basic sense of connection with your closest loved ones is so important, to keep the love channels open despite social isolation etc.

And yes with Venus/Mars in sync here this includes romance- a bit of sweet talk & flirty frisson with your partner/lover/crush etc is just the thing, to stimulate the mutual chemistry & explore whatever turns you on about each other –nice one.

Meanwhile speaking of Venus, she is in your income sector till August, and joined by the Destiny Point this month- to inspire a clear sense of how you are going to generate the coin you need with as much creative, forward thinking leverage of your talent & charm as possible in these changing times. I mean again with Uranus pumping through your sign for the next several years, you’re nothing if not brilliantly adaptable right?

Also because the New Moon of the 23rd in your income sector, trine Saturn & lucrative Jupiter/Pluto clustered around your midheaven point of worldly success is pretty sweet. Especially with Venus/Mercury conjunct here, you have full permission to cook up big dreams for yourself beyond all this economic fear, then work hard & smart to make stuff happen. Could be time to seize success against the odd & shine in your own gorgeous, increasingly kooky way!

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