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So Saturn & Mars brooding in your hidden soul sector is exactly the kind of low key introspective vibe that has you turned on by reflective spiritual work, like a shaman in a cave charging your batteries to access the personal power that lies deep within. So I guess that’s helpful, to make the most of whatever lockdown is keeping you insular right now…

Good, but I tell you what when Mars comes out of hiding to rev up your sign from May 14th you’re going to feel an instant rush of raw, fierce energy that you’ll be busting to express with more dynamic, tangible force in the world! Get ready, sudden onset extrovert coming -so you might want to find some kind of appropriate, satisfying outlet for that huh?

Especially with the spectacular Jupiter/Pluto astro in your social sector. You are most powerfully energised by being out & about, tuning into the collective zeitgeist, networking & connecting with your tribe –including some close friendships reveal deeper levels of mutual support & the positive affirmations of precious besties who want to see you thrive, which is just so lovely.

Also because the Full Moon of the 7th has sparky Uranus in your ideas & comms sector-so you’re craving the buzz of stimulating conversation to keep the synapses buzzing; and stay connected to your most expansive, visionary sense of your long term life goals for when we are free to travel, explore & embrace living large again.

Meanwhile there is also the fabulousness of Venus in your domestic sector till August; which underpins all this with a delicious chance to cultivate a yummy, inspiring personal base to ground yourself in. It’s all about finessing the décor so home is a beautiful place to be, and harmonising familial/partner/co-hab relationships for your most cosy, nurturing, loving connections can thrive on home turf. A home for your heart is so possible right now-why not create your most divine sanctuary whilst you can?

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