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So May is here (and the scopes are up, for a bit of guidance at, link in bio); and who would have thought good old solid, reliable, pleasurable Taurus season could be so goddamn surreal- and it's only getting weirder by the minute WTF??

I mean of course with the most radical, revolutionary, suddenly-game-changing planet of all, Uranus recently in Taurus we were ready for surprising changes to the status quo but still its been a shocker... And with this transit hanging around for several years we have plenty of time to adapt & create fresh, positive, liberating new outcomes from all this discombobulating upheaval; it's honestly more important than ever we choose to focus on wonderful, fresh possibilities rather than just succumb to fear or inertia -don't forget we are ALL co-creators of our reality huh?

Because we have the destructive stage of the cycle, Saturn/Pluto currently giving way to spectacularly regenerative Jupiter/Pluto for the rest of the year; so we are beginning to get a sense of how to reclaim the most positive, dynamic, empowering, visionary, expansive way forward from here...

Meanwhile we have Venus in Gemini till August, to remain flexible & keep sparkly, fresh, curious ideas & dialogues going in our social, love & creative relationships rather than get too fixed or obstinate about it all -so that's a breath of fresh air.

And we have a Full Moon in Scorpio on the 7th for passionate, emotionally congruent connection with the people we are able to stay physically close to, then a Gemini New Moon on the 23rd with Venus/Mercury to keep talking & sharing as lovingly & creatively as possible. Viva caring, respectful human relationships, they will always flourish in the end!

Happy May folks, may we survive & thrive & come out singing x More detail for your sign with the scopes at, link in bio.

Image: unable to find original source for this pertinent image, is it Alexandra Valenti?

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