There’s a whole lot of action going on in your home sector this month, which you might as well embrace -if quarantine is still on where you live you might be spending a lot of time there, lol.

So what’s happening is after the last few years enforcing a disciplined, realistic approach to family, co-hab & real estate dynamics; Saturn is now out of your hair. Finally, a chance to reflect on how well you’ve done keeping it real, and settle into whatever domestic stability you have recently scored for yourself? Yeah but now you have Jupiter/Pluto replacing Saturn in your home sector to dig deeper, reveal & hopefully overcome any personal/familial demons or domestic frustrations with fully positive catharsis & new hope for the future. Honestly, this is such spectacular, regenerative astro to create a meaningful home life that supports your most dynamic personal growth!

Especially with Uranus shaking up your intimacy sector and Lilith/Chiron nurturing radical, empowered vulnerability in your partnership sector. Relationships are under close scrutiny because they are so ready to be re-invigorated. Imagine your key connections as precious plants in your emotional garden, to be ruthlessly pruned back to basics/fertilised & watered with love –and they will shoot fresh new growth before you know it. Pardon the flowery metaphor but also- if I may push it further -may the petals of your blossoming romantic growth be tender, sweet & promising.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 7th sharpens your instincts about money-how to earn it & how to finesse the budget/fiscal plans/biz negotiations to best advantage. Especially with Saturn discipline in your talent sector then fierce Mars work ethic in your day job sector from mid month; you are so onto whatever you are seriously good at & how to back yourself with healthy lifestyle choices, the better to turn up & prove your professional mettle every single day. So there’s no slacking off right now I’m afraid, but the rewards are great if you can stick to the plan huh?