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So Venus usually only spends about a month in each sector of your chart each year, but this time she’s lingering in your social sector from April till August! Which would normally be calling a siren song for you to get out & about/amongst it with your swagger on, mingle & shine your light in the world like you love to do.

Yes, but of course these strange times of social distancing & lockdown etc may be cramping your style a bit, dammit. Well I guess you’ll be getting creative about however you can stay tuned into the social zeitgeist/network online or from a distance or whatever works to stay connected with your tribe… The caged lion can only stay isolated for so long right?

And with Uranus in your career sector you’re so onto rapid response, quick-sticks flexibility to re-work your public image & career plans according to changing circumstances. I mean you are nothing if not wildly adaptable & genius inventive about how to rock a fresh professional mojo in the world right now.

Especially with Saturn hammering restrictive, hard yakka work ethic in your day-job/lifestyle sector in recent years finally out of your hair-thank fuq! Because after all that discipline the reward is Jupiter/Pluto turning up with such perfect, potentially lucrative opportunities to regenerate your existing gig, or find a better one to do what you’re good at with next level brilliance & shameless confidence. Omg you love this chance to prove your mettle & thrive no matter what!

Meanwhile the Full Moon of the 7th is nesting time, to feel into the emotional dynamics at home & ideally make it somewhere nurturing you want to be- you want to be simpatico with family/co habs & comfortable in your domestic space. Which is lucky, if quarantine is still on you might be spending a lot of time there lol.

Then the New Moon of the 23rd brings your attention back to your social life &whatever is going on there or not. But also in sync with Saturn in your relationship sector you’re more focused on healthy relating with your spouse/nearest & dearest to be honest. Especially with Mars syncing Venus from your intimacy sector, your romantic mojo is pretty sweet if you have someone special to love up?

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