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Well with Venus retreating into your secretive, soul sector till August your love, romance, relating, creative, talent & biz mojo is something you are quietly, low-key cultivating in the background; as opposed to forcing the issue by trying to get out there & perform/prove anything by your overt presence in the world.

So you are enjoying your own company & happy to look within/tune into your creative muse/do the inner work for personal growth –which is lovely for a nicer relationship with self & a higher, divine/shamanic inspiration in a spiritual & creative sense. And I guess by default you are also a natural at social isolation or whatever quarantine measures you are dealing with in your part of the world right now–which could be handy?

But then again the Full Moon of the 7th is in your self-expression sector. You are looking for a way to come to terms with your brilliant talent by working the creative process & somehow showing off what you do, the better to maintain a dialogue with the current social/cultural zeitgeist from a distance/online or whatever. I mean as much as you’re hiding behind a rock happily doing your own thing, you’re also peeking out enough to check in with the rest of the world as you go huh? And by the time Venus hits your sign from August you will be ready to come out, shine & play in the world with so much more shameless self-promotion & exuberance…yay not long now!

Meanwhile Saturn has been hammering the emotional discipline to get the ground rules of your closest relationships in order- clearing the air, establishing healthy boundaries & clarifying your personal commitments. And now Jupiter/Pluto frees you up to go beyond that, reveal deeper feelings & unleash your capacity for regenerative, primal, gutsy connection with the people that matter. You’re feeling it for real & so ready to embrace whatever’s going on with next level, honest relating & that emotional authenticity you do so well.

So yes big, hot passion with your lover could be on-especially if you’re in lockdown together lol, might as well love each other up whilst you can! Or if single you’re tuning into your gut instincts to suss out any potential candidates-they’re either genuinely turning you on or not?

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