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So Saturn putting the heavy moves on your ruler Pluto, in your ideas sector lately has had you thinking hard nosed & pragmatic about life decisions. Which ok has been tough, but then again you’re good at fierce realism- & gosh recent events have you glad to be braced, survivalist & ready for worst-case outcomes yeah?

But Saturnine, cynical pessimism only goes so far. Especially with lucky Jupiter/Pluto nudging Saturn out of the way from April 1st, and you get that a bigger, expansive, positive outlook is calling your name on the other side of whatever existential crisis is going on right now. You’re fully awake to think big, outside the square & embrace the most hopeful, idealistic possibilities that you can come up with. I know it’s a cliché that positive thinking manifests positive outcomes & negative affirmations lock us down in fear but it’s true –and you are the sign most likely to be pulling together your best optimism right now to inspire us all!

Yay, and the Full Moon of the 8th is about tuning into your own, inner wisdom/spiritual inspo/intuition -call that deep knowing of yours what you will. Your gut instincts are strong right now & helping to guide how you handle Lilith & Chiron in your work, health, lifestyle/day job sector. Lilith is the ability to make fiercely independent choices about keeping your work ethic up & surviving on your own terms, and the healer Chiron is great for making intelligent lifestyle/health choices to maximise your thriving wellbeing (and helping those around you to do so) as best you can right now.

Meanwhile Saturn/Mars in your domestic sector have you kinda genus practical & motivated, and kinda madly frustrated with the Scorpio home life. Any tensions to do with real estate biz/domestic security/family or co-hab power trips are about to get exacerbated; and you might want to watch hair-trigger reactions that could lead to conflict or panic-based decisions in that dept. It’s a great time to stay quietly assertive, pragmatic & the confidence to nurture real, sustainable, healthy dynamics re the home base & the loved ones you live with.

Especially with the Uranus fuelled New Moon of the 23rd in your love/relationship sector. Now would be the time to vibe as adaptable & open minded as possible about the key connections in your life. Changing times require us to understand one another’s volatile moods & emotional needs more than ever –we’re all freaking out and we’re all going to grow, evolve & work it out together yes? Also there are strange, synchronistic, unexpected developments afoot with Uranus involved –and with a sexy Mars/Venus trine between your sex/intimacy & home sector this could be so fabulously romantically auspicious for you. Maybe these crazy times are just when you find/fall more in love with someone special?

Image Cristian Girotto

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