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So Saturn/Pluto in your partnership sector lately have been a reality check, to clarify the rules of engagement in key relationships in your life –and April picks up this theme of love, personal entanglements & how you handle human connection in your life this month as follows:

Saturn/Mars into your 8th house of sex, emotional intimacy & shared resources from April 1st. Mars is a rush of full throttle desire to address passion/love/conflict/exciting shared ventures/whatever’s going on with your closest peeps head on for the next few months. But also Saturn tends to be quite emotionally self-protective, and wants to temper the fireworks with clear boundaries & more sober, sustainable emotional dynamics that you can follow through for the next few years of Saturn in the 8th.

Meanwhile Jupiter/Pluto in your partnership sector ups the ante with such spectacular, lush, positive love action that magnifies Mars passion & kind of eclipses any Saturnine emotional insecurities, to be honest. Pluto is limbic, powerful, transformative relating & Jupiter brings the magnificent confidence to embrace it.

The Full Moon of the 8th picks up on Pluto/Jupiter from your domestic sector, to sharper that naturally brilliant emotional intelligence of yours with family, co-habs & loved ones. Home is where the heart is, because the feelings are real & you get how to create the positive, dynamic home life that inspires authentic connection with your tribe -and supports your professional aspirations.

Because this Moon also has Lilith & Chiron in your biz sector, for the spunky self-assurance to back yourself in the world. Especially if your public persona or ideal gig is kinda tricky to pull off or challenges societal expectations in some way, this is genius astro to own it & walk your professional talk on your own terms –your unique point of difference is your success superpower right now!

Image: Sheer Radiance, vintage pantihose advertisement

Also because the New Moon of the 23rd is on top of maverick Uranus in your social sector. You get to unleash your inner kooky, creative, weirdo genius upon the world & it feels so good to lean into your true colours huh?

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