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So Mercury retro in & out of your sign for the frost half of March & Saturn in your soul sector has you wondering if you’re actually an introvert or extrovert or what? As in you’re filling your cup by hiding out alone & dong regenerative communion/cosmic connection with your inner muse–yes this is important.

But also the massive astro in your social sector has you busting to get out there & network/express yourself on the scene, because connection with the tribe/friends who get you & challenge you to walk your talk with full authenticity is so damn energising right now. Especially from the 16th, Mercury unleashes your social butterfly charm on the world with lovely clarity of purpose…

Meanwhile Venus/Uranus around the Full Moon of the 10th is where relationship comms take on a sudden, inspired new twist, loved ones reveal their feelings & you are wildly intuitive about the prevailing love/romance/relational dynamic. It’s crazy, fluxy unpredictable but kind of clears the air; the better to get a grip & ride whatever emotional roller coaster is going on in your love life. It’s a weird trip but could be kinda promising if you can keep up with the fresh emotional perspective of mid March?

Then the New Moon of the 24th is a cool new take on money & income creation. Chiron reveals any financial insecurities/doubting your manifestation skills that have held you back lately, but Lilith is the bitching determination to get over it & thrive anyway. The trick is to tune into the Destiny Point in your talent sector –the more you focus on getting better & better at what you’re truly good at with the necessary creative discipline, the more money seeks you out because you’re just so hot & in demand. Cliché but true!

And especially with Venus/Jupiter around the 28th, a bit of brilliant, on point social/professional networking could open some promising doors in the world –stay sharp by late March huh?

Image: Antonio Mora

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