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The Full Moon of the 9th in your soul sector is a chance to elegantly withdraw your attention from the frazzled energy of the world for a moment, and commune with your inner muse instead. You fill your cup with meditation, yoga, creative inspo, poetry, spiritual/shamanic/magical affirmations etc for a deeper sense of wellbeing to call your own -and also align with a clearer sense of purpose in the world to guide you forward this month.

Which helps to focus the potent creative energy brewing in your talent sector, with crystal clear intentions about how you want to express your particular brand of brilliance right now…

Because what with Pluto unleashing your most primal, life affirming determination to thrive, Saturn bringing the fierce discipline to make stuff happen & lucky Jupiter providing fab opportunities for shameless self promotion to the extent you are positively charged to grab them with full confidence –you really are a powerhouse of awesome personal potential don’t you know?

And by the time Mars turns up from the 17th you get the sheer, raw energy to follow through & shine with sexy determination. So you want to be ready to know what turns you on by mid month, the better to drill down & manifest your unique vision with that smart, pragmatic finesse you’re so famous for.

Meanwhile we need to talk about Venus with bitch Lilith & healing Chiron in your intimacy sector early Feb. It’s like you’re torn between fuqing off any annoying personal entanglements cos you’re having a tantrum & over it, or making the effort to mend any misunderstandings to find a better way together? Especially with Mercury retro in your relationship sector from the 17th just as Mars picks up the passion in your romance sector. You want rapturous connection with your lover or seeking that special someone –but also more prone to be tetchy & critical of the other persons flaws or problem solving relational dynamics way too much…aargh to love or not to love??

The New Moon of the 24th could be just the thing to relax into a connection that feels beautifully natural… maybe chill out & let things be until then…

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