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So how’s it going sitting in the aftermath of Pluto/Saturn smashing up the fundamentals of key Gemini entanglements lately? I mean to the extent you’ve been digging into the deeper feelings/issues/dynamics of your closest connections with hardcore authenticity –whew it’s been revealing!

Because a forensic analysis of certain love/sex/ family scenarios (according to your situation) has clarified stuff like how to do radical vulnerability/searing passion/emotional commitment fearlessly with the right people; but also clear, sane boundaries to keep it healthy; including fearlessly ditching any toxic interactions that have run their course –I know, that particular balancing act is a trip at the best of times right?

And same goes for any financial/biz scenarios that have been provoking your fight or flight instincts re material security or lack of. It’s all about holding your own with fierce, savvy clarity whilst you negotiate a better version of your current earning gig OR fuq it off in favour of something more lucrative hmmm?

So not exactly the kind of subtle innuendo & butterflying around avoiding the point you’re usually known for, lol. Especially with Mars revving up your assertive moxy right now you’re so ready to deal with people on a primal, direct level & keep it real.

And helpfully the Full Moon of the 9th is a great chance to talk about it –at length, ha your favourite thing! Your innate gift for intelligent communication & the healing power of well-chosen words to flesh out any issues & resolve them as best as possible really shines through in early Feb, well done you.

Which is going to be challenged yet again when your ruler Mercury goes retro in your biz sector from the 17th, and professional dialogues get kind of weird till mid March. Especially because the New Moon of the 24th is a fab, fresh new sense of your vocational potential in the world and you’re so onto it you feel ready to charge forward at warp speed. Yes true, but Mercury says check the details/fine print first –could be more than meets the eye going on here, and you might want to finesse any agreements/strategies before you get too carried away or sign any actual binding contracts etc, know what I mean?

Image: Paolo Roversi

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