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With the Destiny Point in your sign right now you’re nicely aligned with your broader dreams and specific sense of purpose in the world –so Feb has you beautifully comfortable in your skin & on point about your most authentic soul expression & what you’re going to do about it.

And the Full Moon of the 9th suggests you focus on the earning potential of whatever turns you on, to better support the values & lifestyle choices you hold dear. Especially in sync with Mars energising your work/day job sector –the clearer your priorities are in daily life the more raw energy & determination you have to pull off the goals that really matter. Including keeping an eye on your health right now –staying strong with a good workout regime or whatever lifts your Qi is important, for optimum physical vitality to do your thing in the world.

Especially with Venus/Lilith in your biz sector early Feb, you have a clear handle on your most effective talent, sans frittering your energy trying to compromise yourself doing anything less than what you’re really, truly good at. The better to keep an eagle eye on any cool opportunities that are a perfect fit for your specific genius. Venus says work your professional charm for best shameless self-promotion/smooth biz negotiations & Lilith says yeah but not at the expense of your integrity –it’s not so much sycophantic people pleasing as fiercely authentic self-expression that’s going to get you noticed right now, know what I mean?

And same goes for your personal life. I mean what with Pluto/Saturn peaking with volcanic intensity in your partnership sector lately, you can consider any brooding undercurrents/power trips/passionate feelings/commitment issues etc fully flushed out & revealed huh? The bare bones of Cancerian relational dynamics are out in the open, so you know where you stand & how you feel about it on the most primal, emotionally authentic level. Your famous emotional intelligence is more on point than ever, to fine-tune your instincts about where certain connections are going…

And from the 17th Mars brings the courageous passion, magnetic sexual chemistry & gutsy conflict resolution skills to love like you mean it, right?

Image: Deborah Stevenson

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