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So the Full Moon of the 9th is a gorgeous affirmation of your innate, unique talent & how to express it in the world. Especially with your ruler Mars energising your most visionary sense of your full potential in the world –you adore the sheer, positive exuberance of this!

Also this Moon has Venus in your sign conjunct bitchingly confident Lilith, for even more spunky self assurance -you’re shining bright & don’t give a fuq who knows it, even more than usual.

But also with the healer Chiron involved, it takes a bit of emotional work to rock this kind of radically authentic self-assurance. Because ok, Chiron could be triggering any primal fears & doubts about your self-worth/self image-where the temptation could be to go lick your wounds & hide in the proverbial corner, but luckily that’s so not your style. So no choice but to be your true self, warts & vulnerability & all in the world; the better to realize you are a powerhouse of brilliance just as you are – lovely.

Then Mars into your biz sector from the 16th picks up on the massive, foundational upheaval of Pluto/Saturn smashing your professional paradigm lately, not to mention Uranus demanding radical new ideas about how to make coin in your earning sector. It’s like you’re sitting in the rubble of old biz structures/ambitions that no longer serve you, but far from feeling defeated you’re thrilled to bits about how liberating this is! Any weird & wonderful new professional opportunities calling your name right now are such a turn on, especially with Mars firing up your fresh, fierce intent to thrive against the odds/with the odds whatever. You’re so ready to make cool stuff happen in the world, and I tell you what you’re looking forward to Jupiter/Pluto by late March to reap the lucrative rewards of all this determination –stay tuned.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 24th, with Mercury retro in your soul sector is a moment of introspection. A bit of clarity about your inner creative/spiritual impulses goes a long way here, to ensure you are chasing dreams that really matter to you (as opposed to, say, success just for the sake of prestige or material necessity). Also meaning you’re working to support a healthy, fulfilling home/personal/family/love life & not just living to work right?

Image: Kohler-never too radiant

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