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So after the drastic paradigm shifts/upheaval of Pluto/Saturn exact in January,-which are still fully playing out but hopefully ebbing away a bit in intensity; Feb is where we get to settle down a bit, regroup & come to terms with how 2020 seems to be playing out thus far...

And the February scopes are up to help us figure out where we are at:

We have lucky Jupiter edging ever closer to the explosive Pluto/Saturn scenario during Feb, to build our confidence for a positive take on all this hardcore transformation we're going through & looking forward some fab, empowering, lucrative rewards when Jupiter meets Pluto in late March.... yay to keeping our settings optimistic!

We have Venus/Lilith/Chiron in early Feb for the healing power of loving one another deeply, genuinely & passionately- but also taking no crap from fuqwits & keeping our self care & boundaries clear.

We have Mars into Capricorn from the 17th for fierce ambition in biz/work & the discipline to stay on top of our game, just as Mercury turns retro & we also take the time to check the details before rushing headlong into anything too heavily committed.

We have a sexy Leo/Mars Full Moon of the 9th for our magnificent confidence & a magical Pisces New Moon on the 24th to keep it high-end & inspiring.

Feb is a chance to reset our perspective, align with our inner equilibrium amongst these crazy times & prepare for whatever thrills & spills 2020 has in store for us. Happy Feb folks x

More detail for your sign here.

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