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It's sparkly Aquarius season, to lift the vibe of all that heavy shadow work we've been doing with the Pluto/Saturn conjunction in Capricorn lately -and how nice is an Aqua New Moon (exact 7.21am Jan 25th, AEDT) to freshen us up...

Because to the extent we've been burning any stodgy old Saturnian expectations & attachments in the flame of Pluto transformation, we're standing naked, raw & ready to embrace a clean, clear new way of doing things. I mean what other choice do we have?

Especially sparking off Aqua ruler Uranus in a tense square aspect, the imperative to rut-bust our lives is real. We're either deliberately chasing liberating new life choices, because it feels so good to get over ourselves & be free for the thrill of it -and we can see which way the wind is blowing & crazy times require maverick solutions. Or we are clinging onto the status quo in a desperate attempt to resist the tides of change -in which case watch out- the zeitgeist of the times has a way of dragging us into the maelstrom ready or not! Are we feeling the accelerated growth/evolution mood or what?

Also, one of the lovely things about Aqua energy is the understanding that we are all in this together. This Moon has a way of pulling us closer to our tribe, community, friends/family & broader social network; so the power of mutual support & understanding, co-operation & shared values is a beautiful thing right now, to build a world we can all thrive in.

Happy Aqua New Moon, lets keep our eye on high frequency, positive intentions for this one x

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