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I mean as if it wasn’t enough having Uranus sparking radical personal growth impulses through your being for the next several years, your happy New Year/New Decade begins with Pluto/Saturn churning up your most restless desire for transformative adventure in your life –yep its on baby!

You are officially looking at an awesome, game changing new chapter of your life, that breaks all the previous rules you thought you had comfortably set for yourself. But it’s not just random change for the sake of it-as if, with your fiercely practical nature. It’s an intelligent, empowered, weirdly strategic take on revolutionising the Taurus agenda.

You know how to focus an eagle eye on your biggest, wildest schemes & dreams by backing them up with that superbly pragmatic, earth magic, manifesting genius of yours. So ok, you could be ditching any hare brained schemes or oppressive obligations/limiting beliefs that don’t stand up to scrutiny-and you have to be ruthless about that; but only to redirect your positive energy toward cool opportunities that truly turn you on.

Especially by the Lunar Eclipse of the 11th your instincts are bang on, thank you lucky Jupiter expanding your capacity to bust a move on any fab, wildly innovative new possibilities that are calling your name. Which you wrangle into specific career strategies by the New Moon of the 25th, and the supremely persuasive networking skills to show off your genius/work collaboratively in the world-including Mars in your shared resources sector to hustle any financial backing you need. Fuq yes its time to shine -did I mention you’re onto it right now?

Meanwhile Mars is also heating up your passion/sex/emotional intimacy sector, so the Taurus love life could also be picking up momentum right now. It’s a fiery vibe though – romance is either sexy, deep & real, especially with the magnetic Mars/Venus chemistry of late Jan. Or maybe a bit of combative sexual frisson/emotional power trips if certain interpersonal tensions aren’t resolved hmmm-might be time to look at that?


I am a radical, revolutionary, sparky force for change in the world and it feels so good to be free-who would have thunk it??

Image: Paco Peregrin

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