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So your Happy New Year/New Decade begins with Mars charging into Sag from the 4th, and whoa baby you’re ready to embrace 2020 with full, primal, spunky vitality & plenty of raw energy to burn-look out world you’re on fire!

And lucky, because you want to be at the top of your game to deal with Pluto/Saturn digging deep into your money/survival/security issues right now. I mean no offence but you are possibly the most financially bonkers sign of all.

As in you’re perfectly capable of earning good coin IF it doesn’t interfere with your unfettered, free-range lifestyle; so you’ve gotta be very good at what you do and/or constantly hustling a precarious income, which can be a tad exhausting right? And then whatever cash you attract tends to disappear into some black hole of dyslexic Sag budgeting… it’s actually a miracle you can even feed yourself/pay the rent, but you seem to rock on with a gypsy vibe to living on the edge with sporadic/splendid abundance and no one else knows how the fuq you do it, to be honest. And with your lucky ruler Jupiter in your earning sector for a while year ahead your vibe is magnificently, unapologetically wealthy!

Especially because Pluto triggers a deep desire to create serious, lucrative opportunities to get ahead of the game & enjoy the proper financial independence you’ve been craving. And Saturn says enough fake it till you make it bravado, you’re ready to knuckle down & wrangle some cool gig/biz scenario into realistic success with sheer, determined discipline. And yes, willing to play the bourgeois game in the straight world where necessary? Don’t roll your eyes, this could be when at least pretending to follow the rules/respectable conduct works, & maybe subvert the dominant paradigm whilst also thriving materially -especially around the Lunar Eclipse of the 11th you are hustling biz opportunities/financial backing with stunning success…

Also this Moon is brilliant for sexy emotional intelligence with any intimate love connections in your life. Because the Destiny Point could have you entangled with (or about to meet) somebody special who really matters in the long term, romantic scheme of things. So it’s hot mating season with gravitas, if you’re ready to explore a deeper, more abiding passion? Then the New Moon of the 25th pulls together the spunky seductive prowess of Mars in your sign with sweet, magical Venus/Neptune finessing your flirty wiles –omg could you be more desirable this month!?


I am ready to ditch the excuses & walk my talk in the world; willing to own the responsibility of being an accomplished, financially empowered unit who can manifest whatever turns me on with a powerful, productive, positive lust for life!

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