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So your Happy New Year/New Decade begins with Pluto/Saturn stripping back the dynamics going on in your home/personal life; to reveal the primal, fundamental undercurrents bubbling under the surface –it’s getting real!

Because there are 3 main imperatives converging here: Saturn wants security and certainty around property/family/domestic issues-you want to know where you stand and a solid foundation from which to build your life. But Pluto is fuqing over any compromise re this, volatile as hell & frankly ready to tear it all down & start from scratch. Which is only exacerbated by Jupiter wanderlust- you’re craving the personal freedom to explore new pastures & a more positive way of living on your own, autonomous terms.

So maybe you’re flushing out tricky family/co-hab/relational dynamics, to purge any dodgy/toxic patterns that no longer serve you -the better to commit to the connections that matter with full, passionate authenticity? Or maybe an overhaul of your actual, physical home- anything from tweaking the feng shui to full reno to a major upheaval/relocation of where you live, and any real-estate issues you need to deal with along the way.

And especially by the Lunar Eclipse of the 11th, your professional instincts are so on point- I mean with the Destiny Point involved in your biz sector your ambitions make more sense than ever, and if you keep your intentions clear fate could reciprocate by providing the right opportunities to make stuff happen. And you get how much finessing the home base creates the optimum support system/ healthy work life balance to go chase your dreams in the world.

Speaking of which, the New Moon of the 25th is primo inspo to tune into your most fab talent/marketable skills, and how to work the creative process/savvy self promotion to do something about it vocationally-It’s no time for underestimating yourself, its time to shine! And Venus/Neptune in your work lifestyle sector can either help you to rise up singing every morning & go flaunt your charisma/seek meaningful purpose with your daily gig… or succumb to dodgy habits/indulgences/daydreaming as a form of self sabotaging procrastination & you obviously want to watch that, hmmmm…

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 25th also pulls together a Mars/Venus square; where romantic chemistry is vibing beautifully playful for a bit of relief from the intensity of the rest of your life. Flirty fun just for kicks or quality, lush time with someone special could be just the thing to turn you on here.


I honour the simple things that nourish me this year –a healthy home/family relationships, loved ones who have my back & a meaningful sense of purpose in the world. The right balance between these things is my sweet spot this year.

Image: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Rankin

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