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So your happy New Year/New Decade begins with a rocking Pluto/Saturn breakthrough AND lucky Jupiter in your sector of worldly success, and Mars revving up your adventure sector there’s pretty much no holding you back this year, baby… So how do you unlock your sense of vocational purpose right now?

Power trips! You don’t take orders well at the best of times & not one to back down if you’re being pushed around-and certain authority figures in your professional life are more likely to be trying it on, which could be interesting. Same goes if you’re trying to flex your muscles with any underlings-they’re gonna fight back! So it’s tempting to do nuclear meltdown if provoked & feed the conflict (um maybe not), or burn down some unsuitable gig and charge off without a second glance-ok it could come to that. Or a lesson in playing the game & getting ahead via suave, astute manoeuvring around workplace politics rather than brute aggro hmmm? It’s never been a better time to choose your reactions wisely…

Work ethic –its fierce right now! You have zero doubt about the veracity of your core talent & thus spectacularly determined to wrangle it into commercial viability no matter what -you bravely tackle any challenge with your best elbow grease & the positive attitude that it’s all an opportunity to thrive. Just saying you’re not fuqing around right now, you’re phoenixing into next level alignment with your true purpose.

And by the Lunar Eclipse of the 11th it’s a beautiful thing, to realize how much the right gig creates the work/life balance to support your happy home/domestic bliss/personal wellbeing that you’ve been working toward all this time huh?

Because also Dr Chiron in Aries says it’s time for healthy relationship with self-and knowing you can be comfortable in your own skin despite all your glorious flaws (we’ve all got them) & thrive just being nothing more or less than your wonderful, natural self.

Which makes it easier for your loved ones to love you too, of course. Especially by the New Moon of the 25th is beautifully soulmatey with Venus/Neptune romance magic, if there is someone special around? Or if single, flirty frisson on the social scene could be kinda promising, actually.


I am a shining light in the world, and ready to nail my most powerful vocational imperative –if not now, when?

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