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So happy Christmas/Solstice/Festive Season everyone, I hope we are all having a lovely time sharing it with loved ones near & far, or however we choose to celebrate x

And what better than a sharp, positively charged New Moon in Capricorn (exact 3.13pm Dec 26th, AEDT) on top of lucky Jupiter & syncing with the Destiny Point & sparky Uranus; to find a moment of clarity amongst the Saturnalia madness & start to compose some sweet, conscious intentions for the 2020 New Year/New Decade coming up?

I mean New Moons are always a clean, fresh perspective -and especially given the sheer power of this magical manifesting astro and the symbolic significance of this new Decade unfolding; the choices we make & the quality of our thoughts & actions really do pack a punch right now. Let's prepare some New Years resolutions truly worth sticking to huh?

Merry Christmas & lotsa love folks x

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