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Gemini Full Moon is on, exact 3.12pm Dec 12th, AEDT.

And this one comes with a Saturn/Pluto conjunction throbbing in the background, calling us to face and conquer our personal demons-which is great & so empowering. But also we want to watch a tendency for black & white, literal thinking about notions of right & wrong in our lives; under such intense pressure to do gritty personal transformation right now...

Yes we're under the pump to dig deep, and we find our treasures of personal transformation in dark, challenging places-so ferocious shadow work is our thing. But taking ourselves too seriously or re-attaching to gnarly old issues just because we're finally dealing with them not so much, obviously.

Because FFS, we also need some levity to get through this and the emotional oxygen to play with the fresh energy being released as we phoenix through our shizz, and look forward to fab new possibilities without needing to control the process. We realise that we are not perfect -how could we be; we are dualistic beings doing the best we can dealing wth our light & dark aspects in this crazy world and that's ok.

As Leonard Cohen said- 'there is a crack in everything, and thats how the light gets in' . Maybe it's the exact flaws & fuq ups that most annoy us in ourselves & the world that provide the most redemption, and freedom to appreciate our multifaceted potential on it's own, unconditional terms.

So how good is this sparkly, playful Moon in Gemini, to stimulate our creative manifesting, life affirming mojo? Realising the kaleidoscopic scope of our life choices is brilliant with this Moon- let's create the best life we can under the circumstances, and have a good time wth it just because...

Happy Gemini Moon folks x

Image: Mary Herrera

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