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Oh my goodness hallelujah for lucky Jupiter lifting the tone of your relationship sector from Dec 3rd, for a whole year ahead of loving more freely & unconditionally –what a relief!

Because Saturn/Pluto intensifying their love lessons here this month have you so acutely aware of any deep, abiding, transformative challenges going on with certain key people in your life. Possibly a brand new version of an existing relationship that looks so different from your old dynamic, but you get how much more it serves this new chapter of your life. The nitty gritty work to reality check & evolve the connection accordingly is a thing! Which could be an explosion of fresh passion with your lover if you can dig deep & do raw, real vulnerability for next level commitment. Or if a door is definitively closing with someone, or single & still working thru the last breakup drama you get that moving on asap is actually so empowering huh?

And if someone new is on the radar, omg you know they’re going to rock your world right? A hot attraction/love affair could lead to serious commitment for sure-if you can hack the intensity. Or maybe it’s meant to be a catalyst for growth that could be a headfuq and/or passionate thrills -either way by time it’s done you move on with such spunky awareness of your patterns, to nail the next big thing…

So the point is that Jupiter turning up this month is the positive confidence to make any of the above scenarios feel fresh, promising & wonderful! Especially by the Jupiter fuelled Solar Eclipse of the 26th in your love sector, I’m just saying that those brilliant emotional instincts of yours are more on point than ever; for a new perspective on the liberating love action unfolding around you & how this supports your own magnificent personal growth, no matter what.

Because meanwhile the Full Moon of the 12th is a light bulb moment, about how to manifest your most inspiring dreams & schemes to do something you love on the day job. I mean Chiron in your biz sector is asking the big questions about what you want to do with your life right now-because anything less than truly fulfilling is becoming a bore to be honest. So how good is the Destiny Point in your sign & Mars revving up your talent sector; you know what you’re really, truly good at and how to shine in the world with the requisite shameless self promotion to make it happen. When you’re on fire like this there’s no pointing holding back -go you!

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