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So as the most bolshie, overtly confident sign of all and the natural swagger that tends to propel you through life; you’re not much given to dwell on your sensitive emotional issues let alone reveal your vulnerable side to the world huh? Yeah but you’re still a sensitive soul under that brilliant bravado. And with Chiron hovering around the first degree of Aries right now you’re more in touch with any wounds you’re carrying around about your self worth, and more ready than ever to heal thyself with some good old, honest self-acceptance warts & all.

It’s kind of accepting your flaws (we’ve all got them) sans judgement, and also realising how brilliant you are anyway & powering on; ready to realise your full potential as a fully complex human still working your shizz out:

So if Chiron is the question about how to find the qualities within yourself you can feel good about right now –Jupiter in your biz sector from Dec 3rd may be the answer…

Because Saturn/Pluto in your biz sector are hammering you with high pressure expectations about how to win various heavy power trips going on in your career right now/dig deep & pull off some massive, ambitious vocational transformation under tricky circumstances? Yep the challenge is real, and just so you know you’re so ready to nail it-go you1 But also this could be triggering certain performance anxiety on the job, to exacerbate any self doubt issues you’re already struggling with.

So yay that Jupiter is such an exuberant, positive, expansive new take on the Aries career plan this month-and a whole year ahead to explore the benefits of this: You get whatever your core talent is- you’ve been working on it long enough by now; and that you are a free spirit and crave a free range career plan that allows you to thrive just by being your true, brilliant self on your own terms. Omg this is so empowering & liberating huh?

Then the New Moon Eclipse of the 26th is next level clarity about a certain, precise strategy that could work wonders to further your broader vision for vocational success –look sharp & go with this one, it’s gold.

Meanwhile love? I’m just saying that sexy Mars In your sex/intimacy sector is firing up your libido so you’re kind of on the prowl which is hawt, but it’s not just physical lust. Especially with the Mars/Venus mating vibe of early Dec you’re craving a deeper emotional intimacy- maybe a passion strong enough to commit to; and luckily Mercury direct from the 8th stimulates certain chats to that end-get ready to talk about it huh?

Image: Tian Yi by Jem Mitchell for Vogue China

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