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Well everyone’s freaking out about Saturn/Pluto digging up our deep dark issues for the purpose of gutsy, transformative personal growth right now, to force any long overdue structural change in our lives –but funnily enough you’re kinda cool with it.

Because in your case it’s happening in your talent/self expression sector; and whatever you have to do to unearth your latent brilliance at whatever you do well, and work that much harder to get even better at it is kind of a turn on to be honest. I mean you’re not one to be scared of a bit of healthy self-discipline, fiercely perfectionist personal growth is your thing!

If anything., with your ruler Mercury retrograde it’s all about ditching that hyper critical self-analysis of yours, and accept the many details you can’t control about your life right now - which is ideally a relief, and healthy self acceptance about how things are.

The better to seize the powerful creative force of this astro, just for the fun of playing with it. It’s so life affirming to realize that you are the creatrix of your own destiny; and the more you clarify the exact goals that excite you, you’ve got more than enough raw energy, talent & determination to magically manifest whatever the hell you want…

It’s time to be thrilled by how much life is yanking you outside your comfort zone, and the cool new horizons you’re ready to explore –especially with the Full Moon of the 12th with sparky Uranus in your adventure sector. You’re restless as fuq, ready to spread your wings & the opportunities to do so are calling your name –what’s not to love about this fab exuberance huh –go you!

Then the New Moon of the 27th is a fresh perspective on the Virgo domestic/family situation -which is lovely to ground yourself in a nice, clear home base from which to go forth & thrive in the world. And speaking of your personal life, I’m just saying that Venus into your romance sector from this Moon is pretty sweet for any sexy chemistry brewing by late Nov. And even better, preparing you for Jupiter turning up from early Dec for a whole year ahead of full scale lucky in love confidence –omg flirt much? If you’re in love or ready to be, it’s time to let your lover know…

Image: Amanda Steele

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