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So how you going with the unstoppable force meets the immovable object situation going on right now? The unstoppable force for change being Uranus in Taurus blowing a gale of crazy, unexpected new circumstances through your life & suggesting you adapt asap …and the immovable object, of course, being you!

I think we’ve established that the famous Taurean obstinacy & mulish devotion to the status quo is a bit of a cliché but still; you may be having a go at just how intractable you can be when you’re being forced out of your comfort zone, and you choose to dig your heels in & try to resist? And Uranus is like good luck with that bitch - you’ve got several years ahead of rapid growth & you’ll be loving the thrill of the unexpected before you know it; and how your brilliant manifesting skills become even more creative & powerful with the fresh, inspiring opportunities coming your way…

So to this end you’ve gotta love Saturn/Pluto in your vision sector, to dig deep into any limiting attitudes that might have been holding you back & transform them from the ground up, the better to release your most freedom loving, expansive lust for life. New horizons are calling your name & you’re so ready to get your thrills with unexpected people/opportunities in unexpected places right?

And the Taurus Full Moon of the 12th has you walking your talk in full emotional congruence about who you are right now. Just by being your true self, in all the changes you’re going through you’re happily forging an authentic new path in the world. And Mercury retro is perfect for certain key relationships in love/family/biz to adapt accordingly, as necessary.

I mean also its kind of mating season mid month, especially with luvvy Venus & lucky Jupiter in your sex/intimacy sector. A lovely time to open up the conversation with someone special about how you can evolve your relationship -because moving forward & growing together feels so natural & easy right now. Bless.

And then Mars firing up your love sector from the 20th is so good for renewing the sexy passion with your lover-especially the New Moon of the 27th is hot as hell! And same goes if single-if you’re on the prowl get ready for sudden attractions to rock your world. Especially if you’re into men, oh my they could be coming at you fast!

Image: Ella Uzan

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