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So Mars in your sign has you strutting around the world feeling pretty fabulous & seizing life’s opportunities with ferocious confidence. Which has recently synced with the Destiny Point in your career sector, so you start Nov already onto the vocational plan and happily working the hell out of it so the biz scenario is kind of on track huh?

Then Mars triggers the Saturn/Pluto action in your home sector around the 5th, and you’re suddenly acutely aware of just how much the domestic/family scenario could do with a shake up to support your forward momentum in the world:

I mean Saturn is all about security issues & maintaining the status quo -because a safe, solid foundation feels more imperative than ever. Yeah but Pluto is hell bent on digging up any skeletons in the family closet/deep dark emotional issues in your personal life-especially with Chiron ready to reveal & heal any wounds in your closest relationships this could be timely? Or maybe Pluto is uprooting your physical home base-suggesting a move/relocation/real estate deal in line with whatever personal transformation you’re going through could be appropriate- I mean when it’s time to move it’s time to move on right? So either way you’re getting real authentic about where & with whom you live, the better to create a base from which to thrive on your own terms.

And speaking of thriving, the Full Moon of the 12th is a kick up your financial pants but weirdly inspiring. As in Uranus blows apart any biz/money entanglements you’ve had going on; which doesn’t exactly spell financial security but could actually be brilliantly liberating, to wriggle out of certain onerous obligations/debt or sudden new opportunities to prosper? And ok this requires alacrity on your part & swift negotiating skills –but lucky you’re such a charming, smooth operator so you’re all over it. And Mercury retro says you better watch the fine print –signing contracts or anything legally or morally binding is kind of a no-no until the 20th, or even better wait till after Dec 8th to be safe –but in the meantime is perfect for a bit of creatively finessing the details. So take your time to get it right...

Meanwhile Venus polishes those flirty wiles of yours from the 3rd, the better to work the romantic potential of Nov. No one sweet talks like a Libra, and now you focus that charm on your lover with intelligent rapport, to unpack any tricky emo issues that Chiron is revealing in your relationship sector with the sensitivity to heal them! Or if single, you magnetise someone new through the sheer force of mutual fascination with one another’s minds/a sparky, intellectually stimulating convo that could lead at warp speed to something more hmmmm?

Image: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley by Rankin,

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