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So how you going with the wild ride that is the Leo career right now?

I mean Uranus turning up recently has already rocked the professional status quo; so good luck coasting along in autopilot -aint gonna happen! Maybe your current gig is pushing you outside your comfort zone, to fab new levels of achievement you didn’t know you were capable of? Maybe your current gig is feeling unhinged/pushing you out/you’re frankly over it and you’re looking for something new -but it’s gotta be next level exciting/game changing right? Maybe a light bulb moment sparks some brilliant new plan just because your genius is peaking, and it’s so inspired but is it realistic hmmmm?

Also because Saturn/Pluto in your work sector could have you brewing some cunning biz strategy to make good coin-and yes it could be pretty damn lucrative to the extent you’ve got a truly ferocious work ethic to back it up. Or if you’ve been trying to liberate yourself from some tired old gig/work paradigm –yes there’s no time like now to now to bust a move on something different but again, you want to be truly ready to transform the way you do things with your best, gutsy determination. Any new opportunities are kind of all or nothing commitment, don’t you know?

And your instincts are strong by the Full Moon of the 12th, about how to finesse a fluxy domestic/family/real estate scenario; the better to support your successful forward momentum in the world that in turn supports your personal wellbeing. A healthy work/life balance is gold mid month, and so worth the effort to get it right.

And I tell you what it’s all preparing you for Jupiter in your work/lifestyle sector for a year from early Dec-you’re getting ready for a positive, liberating new version of being you in the world so don’t give up now you are about to thrive!

Then the New Moon of the 27th is a perfect midpoint between Venus & Mars that spells auspicious love action –and in your playful romance sector. Yes late Nov is great for making time to adore someone special, with that passionate affection you do so well – I tell you what it could be fully reciprocated. Or if single your flirty wiles are on point to magnetise a promising attraction –& Venus says the day job is where it’s most likely to turn up. Um maybe polish the glam work wardrobe, just in case...

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