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OMG what a trip is this Scorpio New Moon, exactly opposite sparky Uranus to wake us the fuq up emotionally!

Our feelings are always deep, primal & insistent in Scorpio, which can sometimes lure us into s swamp of brooding, moody intensity about whatever obsession our desire nature has locked onto. We want what we want & our hungry hearts are yearning to be satisfied, according to certain fixed expectations hmmm?

But to the extent New Moons are a fresh perspective, Uranus has this one lit with incandescent clarity. It's such a sudden release point of any skanky old attachments, the better to lighten up, keep moving and focus on clean. clear new intentions. It's the proverbial light bulb moment, to courageously see things exactly as they are and take a risk on the raw authenticity to act accordingly with full, gutsy emotional congruence. Goodbye delusion, hello to embracing brand new chapter way outside our comfort zone...

I mean external circumstances could be changing pretty swiftly anyway, to force radical adaptability whether we think we're ready or not. Which could be discombobulating & shake our equilibrium of course, but also the thrill of chasing wild, wonderful & inspiring new possibilities is such a buzz -why not embrace it while we can can?

Happy New Moon folks, lets have fun with it x

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