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So Venus in your income sector lately has been so good; for identifying what you’re truly god at & perfecting it with such inspired creative discipline. Because it’s time to leverage your strongest talent, to go for that whole ‘do what you love for a living & never have to work another day in your life’ thing -I mean it’s a sweet dream, shining with hard-earned accomplishment & living on your own terms & all, right?

Which makes Mars in your income sector from the 4th such perfect timing, to follow through on whatever schemes & dreams you’re brewing. I mean if Venus is the proverbial 1% inspiration in your current money-manifesting scenario, then what better planet than energetic Mars to provide the 99% perspiration required to make it happen hmmm? Yes from now till mid November it’s all about backing yourself, with that classy personal responsibility for your own success you do so well…

Oh my, especially by the Full Moon of the 14th, all over your cash/income sector and in sync with lucrative Pluto in your talent/self promotion sector; so most excellent for showing off your brilliance in the world & finessing the financials/rustling up the best coin you can for doing what you do.

Which is handy, because then the New Moon of the 28th could throw up some unexpected biz opportunities/fiscal negotiations that are totally promising, but also kind of weird & tricky… so luckily you’ve worked the astro of October to be crystal clear about what you’re doing & savvy as fuq in advance right? Ideally your native intelligence & clean, lean & mean life plan you’re so famous for hold sway by the end of the month …I’m just saying it’s prime time to keep it healthy wealthy & wise.

Which is a hell of a lot better than allowing slippery Neptune in your relationship sector to scramble your concentration with dodgy emotional misunderstandings etc with certain tricky people -which could be unnecessarily distracting?

Because meanwhile the Full Moon mid month in your intimacy sector triggers deeper passions in your personal life- yes and could be a wild ride to deal with the feelings coming up here. But Mars says you hold your own with spunky, self-assured emotional integrity -the better to connect with full, sexy authenticity with the people that matter, know where you stand & forget the stuff you can’t control-well done.

Image: via W Magazine

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