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So Mars in your day job sector this month gives you something tangible to focus all that tetchy, restless Uranus energy in your sign-pick up tools and do some work! Yes I reckon you’ll feel clearer & fully energised, the more you pick up your professional game with your best, most determined work ethic.

Because the effort to get up of a morning & go chase your goals with raw, ferocious determination is 1. Quite enjoyably stimulating, actually and 2. Ok some of your schemes & dreams could be kind of weird & wonderful risky right now (thank you Uranus), but still a damn sight better than boring yourself to tears holding onto the status quo (no offence) because of the Taurus comfort zone/complacency hmmm?

And I tell you what, there’s no time like now to enlist this Mars energy for a disciplined health bender/go pump some exercise endorphins, to score the sheer, physical vitality to go forth & thrive! Whether it’s feeling comfortable in your skin for a positive sense of personal wellbeing and/or gritty elbow grease to work around the clock, it all starts with a solid workout regime –the healthy, wealthy & wise lifestyle is your thing right now.

Especially around the Full Moon of the 14th you’re all about tuning into your most visionary dreams/creative inspo, and making them happen in the world for real, tangible success. This is your core competency of course- you adore being a powerful creatrix of your own destiny. It’s your famous talent for magical manifestation that no one knows how the fuq you do it –you make it look so easy. But with Mars on board right now you know exactly how much determined effort is required behind the scenes, and even better you’re prepared to do it. Well done you!

And then the New Moon of the 28th is a gorgeous, fresh new perspective on the Taurus love life. Which is handy, because Uranus says you’ll need to be pretty open minded & emotionally adaptable to roll with love action of late October. It’s all about shaking up the romantic paradigm-either swiftly evolving dynamics with your partner to evolve together at warp speed or if on the prowl ready for a whole new type of contender to turn up & rock your world? And Venus/Mercury bring lots of delicious, sweet talking verbal connection for renewed mutual understanding/flirting it up. Nice.

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